Residental Landscape

Your home’s outdoor space is more than an area of transition between the exterior and the interior of your home. Your outdoor space is a major part of your home and it’s one of the first areas that people see when visiting. 504 Landscaping will create a stunning residential landscape design that will make your outside living area a highlight of your home with a landscape that extends your beautiful living spaces into the outdoors.

Your quality-designed residential landscape will improve the curb appeal of your home as well as raise your property’s value. These are only a couple of the many benefits a well-manicured property can provide and 504 Landscaping will custom-create the perfect outdoor living space for you that can maximize all possible benefits! From careful selection of plants and trees, to ground cover and structures, 504 Landscaping has everything you need to make your property more appealing to your unique sense of style and living.

Maximize the enjoyment of your home and property. If you are currently not able to enjoy the property outside of your front door, you are majorly missing out. Metropolis is a naturally beautiful place with a climate that makes it possible to enjoy the outdoors year round. Your property can provide double the enjoyment of your natural surroundings with an outside living space that is pleasant as well as functional. With the perfect residential landscape design and maintenance package from 504 Landscaping, your property’s exterior living space can be fully transformed into the space you’ve always dreamed about.

504 Landscaping will work with you directly on the design process to ensure that your outdoor living space is unique to your own personal vision and taste. Have you ever imagined practicing your golf game with your own personal, plush artificial putting green? Maybe you’re the neighborhood BBQ King and would like a full outdoor kitchen at your disposal where you can prepare meals and entertain your guests. Whatever you have in mind, the design, landscaping, and gardening experts of 504 Landscaping can and will make your dreams a reality.

Patio Designs

Thanks to nearly 300 days of sunshine, Metropolis is a perfect place to take full advantage of patio living. Backyards usually have plants, trees, grassy or rock covered areas, perhaps a children’s play set, a grill, some seating and a pool, but how these elements are incorporated into your Phoenix landscape design is what will set it apart and make the area a beautiful and functional Metropolis patio living space. While these items are common to any backyard, they are not what makes a backyard a true 504 Landscaping outdoor living space.

Backyards are no longer places just for the kids to play and the dogs to dig. Patios are entertainment spaces for the entire family and can greatly enhance your outdoor space. A back patio with a cover to block the sun’s penetrating rays, comfortable furniture, and a pool close by extends the home’s living space into the outdoors. With the design expertise of 504 Landscaping, your Phoenix patio will be as enjoyable as the rest of your home, maybe even more enjoyable in some cases.

A well-designed backyard patio with lush landscaping and beautiful stone surfaces can be a relaxing place to escape from the stresses of your day. 504 Landscaping will add unique features that can add more enjoyment and function to your patio living space.

Koi Pond Design


Let the professionals at 504 Landscaping turn your home’s yard into an outdoor oasis with your own custom built Koi pond, disappearing water fall or stream!

504 Landscaping’s vision is to construct stunning outdoor living environments using outdoor ponds and water features. Who wouldn’t enjoy coming home everyday to their own vacation style desert oasis? Our experts at 504 Landscaping can bring that vision to life for you and handle all aspects of the project from construction and consultation, to design and installation of your pond.

Before designing your backyard ecosystem pond or pondless waterfall/stream, one of our knowledgeable consultants will take time to get to know you, your goals, vision and needs for you Koi pond. We want to make sure you get exactly what you were expecting or even more. 504 Landscaping is you go-to pond design contractor in Metropolis, IL .

We can build any shape, size or type of pond including:

· Koi Ponds
· Disappearing Water Falls/Streams
· Ecosystem Ponds
· Water Features
· Fountains
· Small, Medium or Large Ponds


Want a small, easy to maintenance pond? No problem! We are experts in building small goldfish pond by hand.


Medium sized ponds are the most popular types of ponds we build for customer in Metropolis, IL . Medium sized ponds also require a small amount of maintenance.


Looking to build a large pond, incorporating water features or maybe a stunning fountain? We enjoy building large pond because there is so much you can do with them like adding aquatic plants, koi fish, waterfalls and streams and more! Koi fish become a natural part of the ecosystem in your pond and active bacteria culture eats away at the algae, leaving you with crystal clear pond water and a backyard pond that does maintenance on itself. We can add butterfly Koi fish, Red Stripped Turtles, aquatic plants and more to give your pond the look and feel you envision!

Pond Services We Provide:

Our ponds don’t use concrete underlayment like traditional swimming pools do. We use 50 mil rubber underlayment to ensure cost effectiveness and protection against leaks in your pond.